President Philip Watson – Melvin Jones award

President Philip Watson of the West Pennant Hills-Cherrybrook
Club was recently awarded a Melvin Jones Fellowship, the highest
honour, in recognition of his service contribution to Lions Clubs
International for community and humanitarian service. The award
was presented by PDG Derek Margarison.
President Philip joined Lions in 2014 and has proven to be an
excellent addition to our Club’s membership. Phil is highly
motivated, a self- starter with plenty of energy and possesses a
creative genius in terms of his visionary outlook towards all
projects especially new initiatives.
As an example of Philip’s enterprise, he conceived the concept of
sistering with a country club situated in a drought region in NSW’s
Northwest to support and hold their hand. That Club was
Collarenebri, some 10 hours drive from West Pennant Hills. This
commenced in 2015 and our Club’s support since has been highly
valued by this small community.
President Philip has initiated many other projects such as the
Club’s support and commitment to the The Lisa Harnam
Foundation that helps and supports victims of domestic violence.
Philip has recently been appointed as an Executive Board Member
of this foundation.
Lions International and thus our communities are indeed fortunate
to benefit from Philip’s talents, abilities and visions towards
building and upholding our organisation’s manifesto “ We Serve.“
Phillip is highly respected by his peers and all who benefit from his work. The bestowment of this prestigious award is timely
and in the best interests of Lionism’s future.