Second Tree Planting at Cherrybrook Lakes

250 plants (native) were planted and watered. This is our 2nd Environment – Lions Centenary Project.

Last October 2016 we did carry our first campaign. Around 95% of the plants we planted in October have survived the heat and storms. They are growing beautifully, thanks to Lion Craig Horne who watered them every fortnight during the last six months.

It took less than two hours to plant 250 plants. It was a great effort by our members and the Leos who were present this morning.

The following Lions actively took part in this planting campaign.

Lions Bob Pillay, Ian Western, Janette Fraser, Pearl Lin, Bruce O’Toole, Geoff Harrison and myself. There were three Leos led by Leo Jay and two girl Leos (I am sorry I have forgotten their names). All of them worked very hard and methodically under the supervision of Bushrangers from the Hornsby Shire Council.

Thank you all, you are worth your weight in Gold. You gave your precious time and energy for this worthy project.

I would like to thank Lions Mohan N, Gavin Ridley and PDG Brian Daniels for dropping by, although they were not well.

A big thank you to Leo President Gajan for organizing few Leos for this project.

A big thank you to our Project Chair Lion Craig Horne for liaising with the Council and organizing this project. I am sure you will look after these 250 plants just like the way you looked after the 250 plants that we planted in last October.


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